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[Kyushin Kampo] Kinkijinki-gan-ryo

For Difficulty of Urination, Frequent Urination, Edema and Backache
Active Ingredients A daily dose of Kinkijinki-gan (3 packets, 6g) contains 4,000mg of Goshajinki-gan dry extract. It is the water extract of 4.0g of Rehmannia Root, 2.4g of Cornus Fruit, 2.4g of Dioscorea Rhizome, 2.4g of Alisma Turer, 2.4g of Poria Sclerotium, 2.4g of Moutan Bark, 2.4g of Achyranthes Root, 2.4g of Plantago Seed, 0.8g of Cinnamon Bark and 0.8g of Processed Aconite Root.
Inactive ingredients Lactose, Hydroxypropylcellulose and Hydroxypropyl Starch.
Indications Leg pain, backache, numbness, bleary eyes of older the person, itch, difficulty of urination, frequent urination, edema and relieves some symptoms associated with hypertension (shoulder stiffness, heaviness in the head, buzzing in the ear) of person who is easy to get tired, who is easy to get cold in the limbs, whose urinary volume decreased, who has edema or who feels frequent thirsty, of people with below average physical strength.
Administration and Dosage Adults (15 years and over): take 1 packet in each 3 times per day (before meal or between meals) with water or lukewarm water.
Dosage Forms Brown granules.
Package Unit & Retail Price without tax 42 packets ¥5,049.