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[Kyushin Kampo] Saikan-to

For Severe Cough and Bronchitis
Active Ingredients A daily dose of Saikan-to for adult (3 packets, 6g) contains 5,000mg of Saikan-to dry extract. It is the water extract of 5.0g of Bupleurum Root, 5.0g of Pinellia Tuber, 3.0g of Scutellaria Root, 3.0g of Jujube, 2.0g of Ginseng, 1.5g of Glycyrrhiza, 1.5g of Coptis Rhizome, 1.0g of Ginger and 3.0g of Trichosanthes Semen.
Inactive Ingredients Lactose, Hydroxypropylcellulose and Hydroxypropyl Starch.
Indications Cough, chest pain and bronchitis with the feeling of pain in the flank down to the pit of the stomach, lack of appetite, a bitter taste in the mouth, white furred tongue, severe cough, phlegm or occasional pain in the chest, of people with above average physical strength.
Administration and Dosage Adults (15 years and over): take 1 packet, 7 to 14 years old: take 2/3 packet, 4 to 6 years old: take 1/2 packet, 2 to 3 years old: take 1/3 packet, under 2 years old: take 1/4 packet, in each 3 times per day (before meal or between meals) with water or lukewarm water.
(1) Children must take the medicine under the guidance and supervision of a guardian.
(2) Infant under 1 year old must take priority to consult a physician. Only in case of having no choice, take this medicine.
Dosage Forms Yellow brown granules.
Package Unit & Retail Price without tax 10 packets ¥2,718.